Purifying Effect of Quartz Cluster

Here is the description of purifying effect of quartz cluster.

Purifying Effect of Quartz Cluster

Quartz Cluster

Quartz cluster has the power to purify gemstones. You can use gemstones in a good mood by using quartz cluster effectively. Please try this great purifying item, quartz cluster.

How to Use Quartz Cluster

Put the gemstone you want to purify on the quartz cluster.

Purify the gemstone

You can purify bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and straps with gemstones.

If the quartz cluster is small, you can put a part of the item on the quartz cluster.

Small quartz cluster

You can purify the gemstone even if the gemstone is touching quartz cluster a little. But it is better to have quartz cluster that is big enough so the whole thing gets on the quartz cluster.

You can purify many gemstones with only one quartz cluster.

Purifying several gemstones at once

In this case too, you can purify all of them if a part of the gemstone is touching the quartz cluster. However, it is same as multi-outlet extension cords. Quartz cluster will have more burdens when there are more gemstones on it. If you can afford it, it is better to have another quartz cluster.

When you want to purify big ore, it might be difficult to put it on the quartz cluster.

Purify a big gemstone

In that case, please put the item next to the quartz cluster. You can have the purifying effect just by putting it close to the quartz cluster. It might be better to have more quartz clusters according to the size of the gemstone you want to purify.

How to Purify a Room with Quartz Cluster

Quartz cluster can purify a room, too. Please put it in a room where you want to vitalize the energy or in a room that you feel like the atmosphere is heavy. If the room is especially important, put 4 quartz clusters in each corner and make boundaries in the room.

Purifying Time of Quartz Cluster

You will need about 6 hours to purify with quartz cluster. It is also acceptable if it gets longer. You can purify while you are in bed. If you start purifying when you come back home or when you go to bed, purification will be done by the next day.

Frequency of Using Quartz Cluster

You can use quartz cluster every day. It is not expendable, so please do purification every day if there is no problem with it. It would be easier if you say quartz cluster is a home for gemstones. The purifying effect won’t decrease even if you use it every day. Please don’t worry about it.

Maintenance of Quartz Cluster

There will be some dust and trash when you use quartz cluster every day. The purifying power will decrease when it gets dirty. It is like having a cover over the purifying spot. You can wash it with water.

We recommend washing quartz cluster at least once a month. You can keep good purifying effect by washing it on a regular basis. After you wash it with water, please dry it under the sun. It is better to use mineral water when you wash.

Almightiness of Quartz Cluster

Quartz cluster can purify almost all of the gemstones. We can say that it is an almighty way for purifying. You don’t have to change purifying method by gemstones. If you have many kinds of gemstones, it will be good to have quartz cluster.

Place of Production of Quartz Cluster

There are many places of production of quartz cluster. The differences are listed below. It would help you to find your best one.

- Produced in Sichuan, China: Delicate and fine crystals. Fairly reasonable.

Cluster produced in Sichuan, China

- Produced in Himalaya: Has the best purifying power.

Cluster produced in Himalaya

- Produced in Brazil: Very high-clearness.

Cluster produced in Brazil

- Produced in Arkansas, U.S.A.: Rated the most beautiful one in the world.

Cluster produced in Arkansas, U.S.A.

* Quartz clusters that are produced in Himalaya, Brazil, or Arkansas is expensive. If you want one, please get ready for bigger budgets.

Types of Quartz Cluster

There are quartz clusters that are not in clear color. Clear quartz cluster is for basic use. Other types will be for intermediate to advanced users. They have additional meanings other than purifying effect.

- Purple quartz cluster: Increase mental power

Amethyst Cluster

- Yellow quartz cluster: Increase happiness

Citrine Cluster

- Black quartz cluster: Strong amulet effect

Black Quartz Cluster
Place to Put Quartz Cluster

The effect of quartz cluster will change by where to put it. The effects are listed below.

- Entrance: Amulet effect
- Bed Room: Increase health luck
- Living Room: Increase love luck
- Work Desk: Increase money luck

How to Choose Quartz Cluster

There are several tips to choose quartz cluster.

1. Clearness (Clearer ones are more high-quality)
2. Crystals (Neater ones are more high-quality)
3. Size (Bigger ones are more valuable)
4. Place of Production (Rareness depends on the place of production)

High-quality ones have better purifying effect. The price of rare ones is getting higher and higher, so it would be better to get one as soon as possible.

<The difference between crystal types and its purifying effect>
- Big and less crystals: It has mannish power and purifies powerfully.
- Small and more crystals: It has feminine power and purifies in a good balance.
- Mix of big and small crystals: It is an almighty one that is good for all kinds of usage.

Difference of Quartz Cluster and Quartz Chips

The difference is the power and the price. They are both purifying method using quartz, but the features are different. Please check the points below.

<Strength of Power>
Quartz Cluster > Quartz Chips
* Cluster is a block of quartz and chips are pieces of quartz. A block has stronger power.

<Price and Budgets>
Quartz Cluster > Quartz Chips
* The price of quartz gets more expensive as the block gets bigger. Quartz chips are more reasonable since they are small pieces of quartz.

If you need more power, quartz cluster is more recommended. If you want to keep your budget lower, please use quartz chips.

Price of Quartz Cluster

Average price guide is listed below. Please use it as a reference when you want to buy.

<Low-quality Type>
Not so clear, small, or ordinary place of production
$30 - $100

<Mid-quality Type>
Fairly clear, medium, or rare place of production
$100 - $200

<High-quality Type>
High-clearness, big, or rare place of production
Over $200
(Some can cost more than ten million dollars.)

Shops to Buy Quartz Cluster

You can buy quartz cluster at gemstone shops. Some shops don’t have quartz clusters, so you need to check the shop beforehand. Please ask them by phone before you go and buy.

How to Purify Gemstone
White Sage
White Sage
Quartz Cluster
Quartz Cluster
Quartz Chips
Quartz Chips
Crystal Tuner
Crystal Tuner
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